School Psyched Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast by school psychologists for school psychologists. Come join the conversation! ...because none of us is as skilled as all of us.

Rachael Donnelly

Rachael Donelly, MA, AC, NCSP is a practicing school psychologist in Anne Arundel County, MD, having earned her undergraduate degree at Binghamton University and completed her graduate training through University at Buffalo. Rachael has worked in districts across four different states and loves to compare/contrast different practices/perspectives. She is founder and co-host of the successful School Psyched Podcast and manages its associated Resources Drive. Rachael is involved in supporting the field of school psychology through her work on the NASP Communications Committee as well as supervising university students. She is passionate about professional development, psychological measurement, reading instruction, and skill-based supports. Rachael works to insure that all students’ needs are addressed through accurate assessment and evidence-based interventions.

Rebecca Comizio

Rebecca Comizio, MA, MA Ed, NCSP, is Connecticut’s 2019 school psychologist of the year. She is a practicing school psychologist at New Canaan Country School in New Canaan, CT and is a co-host of School Psyched Podcast. Rebecca also advocates for children’s mental and behavioral health supports in schools. As a leader and Committee Chair for NASP’s Communications Committee, Rebecca supports the practice of school psychology at a national level. Rebecca has co-authored the book, 70 Play Activities for Better, Thinking, Self-Regulation, Learning and Behavior. She is also co-author with Caren Baruch Feldman of the upcoming book, The Resilience Workbook for Kids, coming Spring 2021 by New Harbinger Publications.

Eric Elias

Eric Elias, MS Ed, ABSNP is a school psychologist in Meriden, CT. He is Connecticut’s 2018 School Psychologist of the Year. He is beginning his 30th year of practice. Eric is a co-host of the successful podcast School Psyched. Eric has had a recent article accepted for publication by the Journal of Contemporary School Psychology. He has contributed numerous articles for his state association newsletter and is published in the NASP Communique and as well as through the American Federation of Teachers. Eric continues to support research through research projects specific to the practice of school psychology in collaboration with professors from several universities. He supports the practice of school psychology on a national level through his involvement on the NASP Communications Committee and presentations at the National Association of School Psychologists annual conferences. He is an active board member for the Connecticut Association of School Psychologists (CASP) and is the Newsletter editor for CASP as well. Eric has taught psychology as an adjunct and is currently on the advisory board for the School Psychology program at Southern Connecticut State University. Eric is passionate about social and emotional learning, social justice as well as evidence-based assessment, practice and interventions.